Sales & Servicing

sales & servicing

Ground Support Equipment specialists for the Private, Commercial & Military Aviation sectors – all size airlines and airports – supply, servicing, maintenance & repair.

Sales and Servicing:

• Special Diagnostic and Repair Services: In-depth diagnostics and repairs for Aircraft Ground Power Units (GPUs) – we specialise in sales, servicing, and support of GSE, including 28V, 270VDC, and 400Hz systems

• Provide sales and servicing of both mains electrical and diesel-driven variants.

• On-Site and In-House Services – Flexibility to perform services at customer locations across Australia or at dedicated facilities at our Workshop, to minimise operational disruptions – regular and ad hoc testing, repair and maintenance needs.

• Tailored Service Packages – Customised maintenance schedules developed in consultation with customers.

• Alltrack can offer complete installations, commissioning of equipment and infrastructure reviews, on a project basis, with customised solutions

• Can provide on-site training of how to operate Ground Power units, to the end users.

Maintenance Packages:

• We offer tailored, scheduled maintenance packages, as per Customer’s requirements.

• Can completed ad hoc services, at Customers request.

• Equipped with AC 400Hz and 28VDC Loadbanks for day-to-day maintenance activities of GPUs, both in the facility and during on-site maintenance

Customer Support:

• Offers comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment, from pre-sale advice and consultation to proposals, post-sale support, and through-life support.

• Servicing any GPU regardless of manufacturer, drawing from extensive knowledge gained over the years across a wide range of products in the industry.

Equipment Supply and Installation:

Alltrack GSE has extensive experience in equipment supply,

  • can supply single pieces of equipment on a supply only basis.
  • through to the supply and installation of complete hangar aircraft power installations.
  • offers testing, repair, and maintenance services, including life support for all GSE projects.

Product Range

We offer sales and servicing on a large range of equipment, including:

  • Aircraft Ground Power Units
  • Aircraft Jacks – 5 Tonne to 200 Tonne
  • Aircraft Cable & Connector – supply and installation – 400Hz, 28VDC and 270VDC (to customer requirements)
  • Cable assemblies
  • Compressor Wash Rigs
  • Hydraulic Rigs
  • Towbars
  • Aircraft Ground Handling Tractors
  • Airport / Aircraft Pre-Conditioned Air
  • Aircraft Air Start Units
  • Ladders/Steps
  • Tugs
  • Cannon Load Banks

Product Quality:

Supplies products from internationally reputable companies known for reliability and leading-edge technologies.

Tronair Factory Approved Service Agent:
Australia’s authorised Tronair approved Service centre – servicing, maintenance & repair of Aircraft jacks from 5 Tonne to 200 Tonne capacity – ensuring the functionality and safety of aircraft jacks

Equipped with mobile jack test equipment, enabling on-site maintenance capabilities.
Also have in-house service and repair facilities, at our workshop

Commitment to Excellence

Technical team:

Our Technicians are very experienced on a wide range of international manufacturers equipment, they possess expertise in diagnosing electrical malfunctions or failures of GPUs units.

Equipment includes: Unitron, Houchin, Tronair, AXA, Hobart, Current Power, Hitzinger, Davco, Jetpower, Trilectron, APM Dytecna, JBT Jetpower, TLD.

We pride ourselves in our technical competencies and project management expertise which formulate an excellent basis to deliver quality outcomes in all areas of service delivery:

  • Pre-sale advice and consultation
  • Proposals to provide products and services
  • Post-sale support
  • We only supply products from reputable and well established manufacturers

Commitment to Standards:

  • Emphasis on Work, Health, and Safety (WHS) and Quality Assurance standards.
  • Technicians are highly skilled and aware of the importance of maintaining these standards in today’s market.

Our aim to deliver our products and services with the following commitments:

  • Adaptability and flexibility to meet Customer Expectations.
  • Leading by managing, controlling & directing our activities and tasks.
  • Long term relationships with Customer focus
  • Technical expertise of our People
  • Responsive to Customer needs
  • Agility & Mobility in conducting our work
  • Competence in all our dealings with Customers and Suppliers
  • Knowledge, expertise & experience in our products, services, and Customers’ businesses.

Alltrack is an Australian privately owned and operated company, established in 1997 – over 27 years of experience serving servicing airlines and airports across Australia.

Alltrack hold an exemplary rating within the Aviation sector particularly as the ‘go to’ GSE experts for advice, servicing, parts or cable manufacturing for aircraft.