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Alltrack represent Foreman Vehicle Services Limited

Foreman is the leading supplier in the UK of Automatic engine bay Fire Suppression for buses and Light Monitoring.  Also Foreman offers innovative custom design 'V' series products.
The company was established in 1989 and had been responsible for providing outstanding service/ products ever since.  Their specialty is in the supply of auto-electrical products and in particular Fire Suppression for bus engine bays and Light Monitoring System.

Fire Suppression

The Forman firetrace fire suppression system is a simple self activating system, specifically designed for installation in an engine environment or electrical cabinets/enclosures. Firetrace is an automatic self seeking fire extinguisher, which puts out fires where they start by means of a flexible fire detection and delivery tube. The tube is manufactured from specially produced polymer material to achieve the desired detection and delivery characteristics. Firetrace does not rely on detecting a fire at a single point but at any place along the tubes length.  An electronic speech module is also used to monitor the engine bay temperature, smoke detection, extinguisher cylinder pressure and system deployment. The speech module can also be programmed to provide additional customer specific messages.  In addition a high temperature monitoring loom which includes two thermal cut off devices is fitted in the engine compartment to provide a warning to the driver when a high temperature condition occurs.

Light Monitoring

Most vehicles fitted with exterior lights require means of providing a warning to the driver in the event of a light failure, either mandatory or as an enhanced feature.  LED lights are fast becoming the preferred choice of fitment over filament bulb lights, either as an OEM unit or as a retrospective upgrade.

To overcome the problem of monitoring LED lights from a variety of manufacturers, the Vehicle Light Monitoring System (VLMS) is a unit that is programmed to monitor each specific vehicle light connected to it.

By way of a simple calibration procedure at installation, the normal operating characteristics of each light are stored internally and used to determine a circuit failure. Multiple status outputs can be used to signal individual or collective circuit states.

A display panel with individual Indication LED’s assigned to each channel shows when the light’s characteristics have been successfully stored, or when a light has failed.

For details of products refer to Forman Vehicle Services website



Swedish approval

Passing the Swedish SBF123:1 (the only standard specifically relating to Fire Suppression on buses)