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Cable and systems for Rolling Stock

Signal and Control Cables

BETAtrans® GKW R (300 V) Cable Family

  • GKW R                                             Single core, non screened
  • GKW flex R                                      Multi core, non screened
  • GKW C-flex R                                   Single & multi core, screened

BETAtrans® 3 GKW (600 V) Cable Family

  • 3 GKW                                               Single core, non screened
  • 3 GKW flex                                        Single & multi core, screened
  • 3 GKW C-flex                                    Single & multi core, screened

BETAtrans® 600 V TW Cable Family

  • 600 V TW                                           Single core, non screened
  • 600 V TW flex                                    Multi core, non screened
  • 600 V TW C-flex                                Multi core, screened

Auxiliary- and Main- Power Circuits

BETAtrans® 4GKW-AXplus Cable Family

  • 4 GKW-AXplus                                  Single core, non screened

BETAtrans® 9 GKW-AXplus Cable Family

  • 9 GKW-AXplus                                Single core, non screened
  • 9 GKW-AXplus C-flex                      Single core, screened

Databus and Coaxial Cables

BETAtrans® Databus- and Coaxial Cable Family

  • MVB Databus                         (Multifunction Vehicle Bus)
  • WTB Databus                         (Wired Train Bus-120Ω)
  • Databus
  • CAT 5 Databus

UIC Cables

UIC Cable Family

  • UIC Jumper Cable                                      18 cores
  • UIC Cable                                                 16 cores
  • UIC Twisted Quad Shielded Cable               4 cores
  • UIC EP Cable                                            9 cores
  • UIC EP Cable                                          10 cores
  • UIC Jumper Cable                                   12 cores
  • UIC Cable                                              12 cores

Fibre Optic Cables

LEONI & STUDER Fibre optic cables are suitable for fixed installation in cable trays or tubes and in jumper cable applications. They are even suitable for direct connector assembly.

The halogen-free and flame-retardant cable jacket guarantees compliance with the strict fire protection requirements (IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-3) on cables.

We offer you various fibre optic designs using plastic or PCF fibre optics to enhance our existing broad range of fibre optic cables as well as professional support on products and applications to allow you to select the best transmission medium for your application.

Jumper Cables

The Inter-car / Jumper Cable Family consist of:

  • Single core versions, 300/500V, 600/1000V, 1.8 /3kV, 3.6/6kV  

screened, non screened

  • Multi-core customer specific versions 

            Signal-, Control-, Databus-,Fibreoptic and/or Coaxial cables
screened, non screened

System Solutions


We plan, design, build, assembly and test all possible harnesses such as

  • crimping cables and connectors
  • harnessing looms
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly of parts and equipment, panels, cubicles and systems according your requirements and documentation

Development of System Solutions for customers

We can provide sketches, proposals, drawings, documentation, designs and systems for you. The production will happen also very competent, professional and with a highest possible quality and best economic efficiency.

  • Prototyping, serial production
  • Cable Harnessing
  • Panels, cubicles and systems
  • Flexible High voltage Inter-car / Jumper solutions
  • and more


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BETAtrans® Cables



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