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We offer the following connectors:

Niphan Industrial Plugs and Sockets

CYTOLOK Compression Connectors


Niphan Industrial Plugs and Socket


  • 50v, 250v and 500v IP66 metal clad plugs, sockets and appliance inlets
  • Current Ratings up to 250 amps


  • Unique pin configurations up to 11 poles plus earth
  • Flanged sockets and appliance inlets fit conduit boxes
  • Manufactured in electro less tin nickel-plated brass
  • Compact size


  • Power supplies to container/refrigeration ships when docked
  • Tunnel connections
  • Ships, harbours, steelworks, cranes, trains, rail depots
  • Proven use in the most arduous conditions imaginable


CYTOLOK Compression Connectors


  • Single or Twin Cable, Single or Twin Stud Mount
  • Cable sizes from 6 sq mm to 1000 sq mm but specials available
  • Power Bar for multiple cable connections.


  • Innovative design saves up to 70% reduction in installation time.
  • Uses spanner to terminate thus no specialist crimping tools needed
  • Suitable for both copper and aluminium cables
  • Specially protected against Galvanic Action
  • BS, NF, UL, VDE, ANSI and Lloyds Approvals
  • Suitable for most types of cable formations


  • Cable Terminations in virtually all applications



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