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Datacom Cables and Systems

MegaLineNet® , GigaLineNet® and FlexLine® coax

Applications and market segments

LEONI develops and produces high-quality products for passive cabling infrastructure in buildings and local networks.
MegaLineNet® cables and systems engineering or GigaLineNet® FO cables and systems engineering.

In the applications LAN Office, LAN Industry, SAN/Data Center and LAN Home, LEONI offers standard systems as well as customer-specific solutions.

MegaLineNet® from LEONI is a copper system family for all classes and categories with a secure future and a high degree of investment protection. MegaLineNet® consists of the cable engineering of MegaLine® patch and data cables and the system solutions ELine™ and VarioKeystone®.

With its FO engineering, GigaLineNet® allows extremely high bandwidths and long transmission distances. Here GigaLine® fiber opticcables in conjunction with VarioSmart® or FLine® systems engineering make an extremely high-performance system possible.

MegaLine® Copper Data cables 


We offer data cables, patch cords and connecting components of all classes and categories for building up high-quality channels using copper cables.

  • MegaLine® Copper Data cables for LAN Office
  • MegaLine® Copper Data cables for LAN Industry
  • MegaLine® Copper Data cables for Data Center

Cable Types:

  • Category 5 / Class D
  • Category 6 / Class E
  • Category 6A / Class EA
  • Category 7 / Class F
  • Category 7A / Class FA
  • Category 8 / Class G

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GigaLine® – Enhanced Fiber-Technology


GigaLine® fiber optic cables provide, combined with both gradient and single-mode fibers, spare capacity that goes far beyond the specified standards.

  • GigaLine® – for LAN Office
  • GigaLine® – for LAN Industry
  • GigaLine® – for DataCenter
  • GigaLine® – for Carrier

Complete range of cables available to suit application

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FlexLine® coax

FlexLine® coax are fully developed coaxial products, based on high-quality cables, connectors and assembly accessories which add up to a complete offering of cable connections - from the antenna down to the base station.

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Catalogue Download

MegaLineNet® & GigaLineNet® (PDF, 4.4 MB)

FlexLine® coax ( PDF, 2.42M)

Fiber Optic Cables
Assemblies, Connectors and Accessories
( PDF, 2.47M)


MegaLine® Copper Data cables 

GigaLine® – Enhanced Fiber-Technology


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