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Aircraft Ground Power Supply Connectors and Accessories


  • 28 v dc 3 pole and 115-200v ac 400 hertz 6 pole plugs and sockets
  • Power- 450 amps continuous or 1500 amps for 1 minute; Control - 35 amps continuous
  • Push buttons control available on ac connectors
  • IP 54 Surface and Adaptor Angle Boxes available
  • Cable assemblies manufactured to customer requirements
  • Performance and dimensions to ISO 461 (BS4G173:1985) and appropriate MOD (Air) and NSN Standards
  • Resistant to UV light, moisture, chemicals and other hazards associated with aircraft maintenance areas
  • Copper pins and tubes silver plated for excellent conductivity and long life
  • All Socket and Plugs are detachable.


Crocodile Cable Carriers


  • Available lengths - 6, 12, 24 and 30 metres
  • Cable to suit customer requirements
  • Uses comprehensive range of LPA Aircraft Connectors
  • Rugged cable carrier with easy cable replacement
  • Lightweight - easily stored and opened by one person
  • Small footprint storage area
  • Designed and manufactured for low maintenance
  • Aircraft Ground Power Supply Connections

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Catalogue Download (PDF, 1.69 MB)

Aircraft Connector


Cable Harness

Crocodile Cable Carrier


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