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Aircraft Cables

BETAjet® 400 Hz cables are halogen free, most of them flame retardant and oil resistant, with improved fire performance and increased resistance to temperature. 400 Hz power supply systems provide the external power supply for aircraft on the ground. This system comprises both static cables in buildings as well as flexible connexions between buildings, passenger bridges,hangars, and the aircraft. Special power cables for mobile power supply units used on the ramp are also available.

BETAjet® 400Hz Cables for Mobile Applications

  • BETAjet® 400 FRNC-deltaflex

Twisted symmetrical flexible power cables with integrated control cores

  • BETAjet® 400 FRNC-quadroflex

Twisted flexible power cables with control cores in the center cable

  • BETAjet® 400 FRNC-smartflex-V

Twisted flexible power cables with control cores

  • BETAjet® 400 FRNC-drumflex

Twisted flexible power cables with shielded control cores

  • BETAjet® 400 FRNC Single Core

28 VDC, flexible core power cable with integrated control cores

BETAjet® 400Hz Cables for Static Applications

  • BETAjet® 400 FRNC-flex

Feeder cables for indoor and outdoor

  • BETAjet® 400 LSOH-flex

Feeder cables with control cores

BETAlux® 5 kV-Cables for airfield lighting
 to FAA spec. AC150/5345-7E (L824) Type C and IEC TS 62100

  • BETAlux®      Primary cable with copper tape shielding
  • BETAlux® AT  Rodents and termites resistant primary cable with Cu tape shielding


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BETAjet® 400




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