Aircraft Ground Power Units

AXA Power is a major supplier of diesel and electronic Ground Power Units (GPU). AXA Power is the world's leading supplier of 400 Hz solid-state GPUs, with more than 6,000 units in operation at leading airports world-wide.

AXA Power's solid-state GPUs are the safe choice for the supply of power to the aircraft. AXA focuses on simple and reliable solutions that are easy to maintain therefore ensuring minimal disruption to aircraft departure schedules.

The modular design on AXA's GPUs, ensures high level of efficiency and reliability, resulting in "low cost of ownership" and a fast return of investment.

The aviation industry is under pressure to reduce fuel and energy consumption, according to AXA's calculations switching off APUs and turning on electrical ground services, the industry is able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well as cutting 75% off operational cost.

AXA Power Unit













AXA 2300 Compact - 90kVA Solid-state GPU

The AXA 2300 Compact is the safe choice for new and existing 400 Hz installations as it is designed to suit the increasing demands for future aircraft. The design is based on input from major aircraft manufacturers and customers combined with our long experience.

The AXA 2300 incorporates many outstanding features including a simple user interface which makes operator training easy.

Benefits of AXA 2300 Compact:

  • Optimum voltage quality at the aircraft plug
  • Maximum personal safety
  • Limited interference to other electronic equipment12 pulse
  • A variety of interface facilities
  • Easy maintenance
  • Optimised for all-electric aircraft
AXA 2300 Compact Ground Power Unit











AXA Power Coil 90kVA Solid-state GPU and cable coil in one single unit

The AXA Power Coil is the optimal choice for both narrow and wide bodied aircraft.

It also supports the trend for a more aesthetic airport design; particularly where glass passenger boarding bridges are preferred.

Melbourne Airport has installed these units in November 2009.

AXA Power Coil

Benefits of AXA Power Coil

  • Easy installation
  • Less stress on the passenger boarding bridge
  • Easy operating training
  • Optimum voltage quantity at the aircraft plug
  • High reliability and easy installation
  • Quick connection

















AXA Power
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