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Douglas Pushback Tractors are recognised by major airlines as high quality products in the towbarless and conventional models.

  • Baggage Tractors
  • Conventional Pushback Tractors
  • Towbarless Pushback Tractors
  • Portside Tractors
  • Helicopter Handlers

Tractors product range includes:

Douglas Tugmaster DC4 and DC4.5

The Douglas Tugmaster DC4 and DC4.5 conventional general purpose towing tractors for the handling of baggage, cargo, equipment and small aircraft.

The Douglas Tugmaster DC4 and DC4.5 tractors are offered ballasted to 4 or 4.9 tonnes all up weight.

Ballast options:
- 4 tonnes
- 4.9 tonnes

Douglas Tugmaster DC4 and DC4.5

    Brief Specification
    Engine: Perkins 1104-C44 - 64kW

  • Transmission: Graziano Voith PST2 Powershift 
  • Drive / Steer Axle:  2 wheel rear axle drive, 2 wheel front axle steering
  • Cab: Full width normal control fixed cab

RAM Handler

RAM is an ultra low profile battery-electric unit designed specifically
for deck and ground handling of
military helicopters and fighter aircraft, especially the new generation low ground clearance aircraft such as the Lynx Mk8.

Multi Aircraft Matrix Acquisition System allows RAM to handle all current and proposed fighter aircraft and helicopters including: Lynx Mk8 Merlin, Harrier, Apache

Brief Specification:-

Low profile 350mm height with 70mm ground clearance

  • Multi aircraft comparability with no  modifications

RAM Handler

     Brief Specification continued:

  • Capable of lifting 3,500kgs and towing aircraft with all up weight of 25,000kgs
  • 3.5 hours continual movement on one battery charge
  • Self contained battery charging facility

Douglas-Kalmar TBL-600 Tugmaster

The Douglas-Kalmar TBL-600 Tugmaster
has been designed primarily for pushback, inter-gate towing and longer distance maintenance towing operations at higher speed.

The TBL-600 is suitable for pushback,
inter-gate and longer distance maintenance towing operations at higher speeds with the following aircraft:
Boeing: B767, B777 and B747 (all series);
Boeing: DC10, MD1; Airbus: A310/A300, A330 and A340 200/300/500/600;
Airbus: A380-800, 800F, 900; Lockheed: L1011
        - Pushbacks
        - Inter-gate towing
        - Higher speed, longer distance           maintenance towing

Douglas-Kalmar TBL-600 Tugmaster

   Brief Specification:-

   Engine: Cummins QSK19 - 559kW

   Option: Caterpillar C18 DIT ATAAC - 522kW

   Transmission: Clark 16000 series

   Drive / Steer Axle: Kessler LT91

   Cab: Dual Facing

    Cradle Lift Capacity: 48,000 kgs

   Oversteer Alerting System

Douglas Tugmaster type NS8-190D

The Douglas Tugmaster type NS8-190D elevating fifth wheel Terminal, Distribution and Yard Shunting Tractors are the efficient answer to rapid trailer movements. Vehicles can be found in ports, distribution and warehousing centres such as TNT, Sainsbury, Tesco, John Lewis, Business Post and Calor Gas, to name but a few. The Douglas Tugmaster type NS8-190D is available with alternative fifth wheel, fifth wheel lift height and suspension options.
  - Fifth wheel options, TJ4, 530, 800
  - Fifth wheel lift capacity 22,000 kgs
  - Fifth wheel lift height 500mm

Douglas Tugmaster type NS8-190D

       Brief Specification:-

  • Engine: Deutz TCD2012L6 - 147kW
  • Transmission: Allison MD3060P World Series fully automatic
  • Drive / Steer Axles: 2 wheel drive Heavy duty front steer axle Heavy duty rear drive axle Front leaf spring suspension Rear pneumatic suspension or rigidly mounted rear axle
  • Cab: Single man cab with inboard safety door

Some of Douglas Aircraft Pushback Tractors purchased by Qantas:-

Aircraft Pushback Tractors
Aircraft Pushback Tractors
Aircraft Pushback Tractors

Douglas Tractors
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