GSE Maintenance

Alltrack Services provides complete preventative maintenance and emergency service for all ground power systems whether diesel or electronic. 

The history of Alltrack Services is well founded and this work can be performed on all manufacturers’ products, not just those as supplied by Alltrack. Alltrack offers both mechanical and electrical support for any ground support equipment.

We currently look after:

  • Smaller Companies with a single or few equipment
  • Complete 400Hz/28V DC Hangar Installations
  • Management of larger Companies Ground Power Requirements at Multiple ports spread across whole of Australia

Alltrack GSE is experienced in the design and installation of 400Hz electrical reticulation and distribution airport systems. 

Work has been performed at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports to the strict quality and professional requirements of the industry where security and safety must be to the highest possible standards.

Ground Support Equipment (GPU) Services:

  • We service any Ground Support Equipment (GPU) regardless of manufacture as over the years we have gained extensive knowledge over a large range of products inside the industry. These include:
    • Diesel Driven(AC/DC) GPUs
    • Inverters (DC)
    • Solid State Converters (AC)
    • Motor/ Gen Converters
  • We are able to carry out scheduled services and repair either at our dedicated service facility and frequently we provide services direct to Customers site (Australia Wide) to minimise disruptions to Customers Operation.
  • We can provide tailored regular service packages that are set up in consultation with Customers.
  • We can conduct special diagnostic and repair service on GPU’s
  • We can provide detailed analysis on information captured during service to give Customers visual and numerical details of electrical performance of GPU’s under varying load conditions providing a tangible machine performance history.

Aircraft Jacks Repair and Maintenence.

Repair, maintenance and qualification services on Aircraft Jacks are carried out on site Australia Wide

Typically this support extends across the following:

  • Tractors
  • Ground Power Units(GPUs)
  • Full type testing and Qualification of GPUs
  • Loaders
  • Catering Vehicles
  • Fork Lifts
  • Aircraft Jacks
  • Cable Systems




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